Is your baby’s first birthday party coming up? Are you looking for a cute photo opportunity to share with family and friends? Do you not mind if your baby gets a little messy? If so, a cake smash may be for you!

A cake smash is when you buy a cake made especially for your baby to put her hands in and play with. It’s very messy and very chaotic but most of all… it’s a lot of fun!

You can take the photos yourself or get a professional photographer to come and commemorate the special occasion for you.

Want to plan the perfect cake smash birthday party for your little one? Here are the main things to consider to make sure you, baby and your guests have a smashing time!

Consider the right cake

The best type of cake to use for a cake smash is a small one covered in fresh cream or buttercream (rather than fondant) as this will be easier for your baby to play with. If you are using a buttercream cake, take it out of the fridge for an hour beforehand so it softens up and gets squishy. Take off any cake toppers or candles before you give the cake to your baby.

We recommend avoiding using chocolate cake or red velvet cake for the cake smash. It will look like your baby has had an ‘accident’ in the photos!

Similarly, bright cakes may dye your baby’s skin and clothes for a couple of days afterwards! If you want to add colour to your smash cake, sprinkles are a great way to do this.

Prepare for mess…

Cake smashes do get terribly messy, but that is all part of the fun!

You can prepare for the inevitable mess by putting your baby in clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, or just a nappy if that is easier. The same goes for you as you will more than likely get some cake on your clothes as well!

Have lots of baby wipes, towels and water on standby and keep an eye out for stray icing and crumbs on the floor just in case anyone stands in them.

After the cake smash, it’s a lovely opportunity to give your baby a bubble bath (and another great chance to get some adorable photos for you to cherish).

Buy a backup cake!

Let’s be honest, once your baby has got her hands on the cake and smashed it into the table, there’s not going to be a lot left to give to guests!

This can be resolved by buying or making a second cake, ideally decorated the same way as the one given to your baby. That way your little one can enjoy her own special cake while ensuring everyone else doesn’t miss out on the fun of eating a delicious treat!

Once you’re ready, take lots of wonderful photos that you will enjoy sharing with family and friends in the years to come!

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