In the past, when you wanted a cake for a special occasion, you only had a few choices available; fruit cake or chocolate or vanilla sponge.

Fast forward to today, and you can now find a range of different flavour combinations to suit every special occasion and every palette!

Here at Swirl, we have 18 different cake flavours, 21 icing flavours and 25 filling flavours, giving you over 9,450 incredible flavour combinations! And that’s not including our range of macaroons, tarts and cookies too.

When you come to us with a cake request, you may already know what type of cake you want and if you do, that’s great! However, if you want a custom cake but aren’t sure where to begin, here are some of our exclusive signature flavour combinations that we guarantee will make your mouth water!


Chocolate Dream: Our decadent chocolate sponge cake comes with a zingy raspberry filling, creamy chocolate mousse and our delicious salted caramel buttercream.

We guarantee that you will enjoy mouth-watering flavours in every single slice!


Lemon Raspberry Oh My! If you enjoy fruity flavours, this cake is the perfect choice for you!

Our yummy lemon cake comes with fresh layers of lemon curd and raspberry, topped with an absolutely beautiful Madagascar vanilla bean swiss buttercream. Enjoy all the sweet tastes of summer with this special cake!


Regal Red Velvet: Everyone loves red velvet cake… and our version of a classic can’t be beaten!

Our rich red velvet cake sponge is paired with our tangy cream cheese mousse and lovingly crowned with a glorious Madagascar vanilla bean swiss buttercream. Truly the Queen of cakes!


Taste the Tropics: If you’re dreaming of summer, let this tropical cake transport you to hot and sun-drenched climates.

Our buttery vanilla bean rum cake is teamed with our thick and velvety Bavarian cream and finished with our dreamy, creamy passionfruit buttercream. Delicious cocktail and hammock are entirely optional!


Fall Favorite: If you love pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween and falling leaves, the cosy flavours of our Fall Favorite cake will make you feel right at home.


Apple and pumpkin are blended together in a delicious fruity sponge and combined with a spicy cinnamon cream cheese filling. Our classic vanilla bean buttercream brings the whole stunning cake together. Now you can enjoy the delicious flavours of fall all year round!

We hope these delicious flavours have inspired you, but if you are still looking for the perfect flavour combination, check out our page to see all of our different cake, icing and fillings. There’s something for everyone!

All you need to do is select your cake flavour, pick your filling (up to two per layer), choose your icing flavour and let us know whether you want a fondant or buttercream exterior. Email us your choices, and we will come back with a quote!

Is the flavour you are after not on this list? If not, let us know! There’s nothing we love more than a challenge, and we would be happy to help you find the perfect blend of flavours to compliment your special event!

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