Do you deliver?

Delivery is always included on tiered cakes higher than three tiers as the cake must be transported separated and assembled on site.  Out of town deliveries are charged at $0.75/km round trip plus assistance hourly wage. Please inquire if you would like to pick up your order. Out of town wedding cakes must be delivered.

Are you licensed?

Yes. SWIRL Custom Cakes holds a City of Calgary business license and a food permit, which requires inspection from the food inspector. We have had an error free record with Alberta Health Service since we began operating and still enjoy this today.

How do I store / enjoy my order?

Storage should never be a problem. SWIRL Custom Cakes & Desserts are so delicious, there won’t be leftovers!

Keep your cupcakes and cakes at room temperature (putting them in the fridge hardens the gluten molecules in the cake resulting a tough cake). Due to the high sugar content baked goods are low risk for bacteria growth and do not require refrigeration. Some of our mousse fillings are best served cold so please ask if you are unsure. Our products are best eaten the day they are delivered, but can also be frozen in airtight containers. To enjoy a frozen cake or cupcake, thaw at room temperature (in the wrappers for cupcakes – 30 minutes, larger cakes overnight).

Does SWIRL have a retail location?

SWIRL Custom Cakes & Desserts creates everything in a commercial kitchen in the SE commercial sector of Calgary. Our design studio is located in the N.W of Calgary. All baking and decorating is done in this commercial kitchen however since all orders for SWIRL are custom orders you won’t find our products for direct sale from this retail location. This ensures that you receive a truly unique, delicious, one-of-a-kind order.

I don’t see what I’m looking for in this section…what next?

Contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.



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